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Simply One Of The Best Sex Cams In The Industry!

If you are looking for a great adult cams, checkout our best option. It’s free, it’s easy to use, and it’s very popular among users, which increases your chances for a good pleasure. is a site most people have mixed feelings about. Our Chaturbate review will be no different from it since, well this is the truth. It really does have good sides, but also a number of things that make the whole site a little awkward in adult cam sites world .

What is Chaturbate

First of all, if you check out the number of people registered on the site. Well there are a lot and lot of hosts registered, so when we go online to look for them, why can’t we find them? Where are they? Good question, and we bet that there are a bunch of people beside us who would really really like to know what is up. Why is it that there are only a few dozen active cameras when there should be traffic? Well, there is an explanation for this. works with amateurs, and only amateurs. And well, they might be online more if they got paid well enough, that is for sure. And last but not least there is something positive about the whole thing. Although it is not of the best quality(the site in general, the number of girls online and so on), it is for free. And well, no one can, and we bet no one really expects top quality stuff from a site that doesn’t charge you a buck. So is this a good thing?

What we think is that, if it wasn’t for free, even if they only charged you like half of what the other sites ask for, it would be better off. The girls would probably get paid better, and the traffic on the site would surely be bigger. So no need to go into details about payment, if you know what we mean.

Chaturbate Prices

So if the site is free, does it really matter how you join, and what kind of membership you choose? This is basically your choice, but let us inform you about your options. There are two types of memberships you can choose from: you can be a guest or a standard member. If you are only a guest, well that is ok since you can move around and chat as well. You can check out a number of things on the site, being a guest and not a standard user will not pull you back.

This is less serious in this case than on other non-free sites and it is for free 100%. You don’t even have to provide any info about yourself. How about that? You can access any chat room at any time. You can video chat and watch the girls in full screen mode on the way and also browse all of their pics. And of course you can also chat with them on the way.

Ease Of Use

But of course the standard membership comes with more extras, just to make it worth signing up. You can register on the site in just a couple of moments, and as we have mentioned before, you do not have to provide any real info about yourself other than a username and a password. The site doesn’t even make you give them your email address, it is also optional, so why bother.

So it is free. But what do you get? Well, a lot of stuff. Although the membership is free, you can win cash on the site not just every day, but every hour! They allow you to broadcast your personal web camera feed as well. And last but not least you can send and receive private messages on the site which is also nice.

All in all with its little bugs and issues that can cause some problems (like a low number of girls online) to users, Chaturbate gets a good passing mark since because you can’t really expect much better for no cash.