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Simply One Of The Best Sex Cams In The Industry!

If you are looking for a great adult cams, checkout our best option. It’s free, it’s easy to use, and it’s very popular among users, which increases your chances for a good pleasure. is really really big online meeting place. In this case we are not talking exclusively about adult cam sites, sexual content. If you wish, you can chat, just the traditional way, get to know people. But there are other rare extras here as well, like for example marriage counseling. The funny thing is how one might seek counseling and end up having a sexy webcam chat with a model. But this is just hypothetical. But in general, we are looking at the adult content, so the imlive review is not about messed up marriages.

Site Features

The site has about 40000 members, most of them are girls. If you arrive in the right moment, you are likely to find over a thousand girls online. You can pick from a number of categories, and they are the usual ones. What you don’t get on every page is probably the threesome and the couple chat options. Here you have those as well, with all the fetish and gay stuff as well. It really is up to you. isn’t one of the biggest adult web cams’ home for nothing.

But some things are a little different, and in our opinion it is not the best solution to make users pay for only chatting. Because here, you have to. Most people will only pay if they get to see something for their money as well, and will probably easily find another site where they can chat all they want for free. But if you do pay the fee and do choose the video chat, there is a really positive extra: the first seconds of the video chat are for free. This means that you can check out what you are getting, what you can expect. If you get a poor quality pic, cause the girls has a low quality camera, you can just leave and look for another chat room and it will not cost you anything.

Price Information

Prices are different, depending on what you are looking for, the best price you can get is the one around 2$. But there are extreme cases, for example the fetish girls, and more popular well known models and pornstars tend to ask for a price of 5$ per minute, or something close to that. Couples and threesomes are usually a bit more expensive, but still just somewhere around 3$.

We have mentioned webcam quality before, but we don’t want you to get the wrong impression. It is true that depending on the girls, camera quality is different. Still, in general, the camera quality is good. You can expand the screen, which might ruin the image quality, so it is best to keep it at a normal size.

Ease Of Use

If you choose to register and become a member, you will be granted access to a large number of pre-recorded shows and some promo commercial videos. There is almost 60 000 of these that you can access. The only down side of this is that it will cost you credits. So if you pay for this, why not spend those credits on some live action? You can watch free stuff anywhere online nowadays, right? Plus, these videos aren’t of the best quality. If you are interested, you can just go and check out the picture galleries of the girls, that is good to get a general impression, but you should move on to the live section after that. is a site we really did like. You can check out the page, look around by signing up. This is free, won’t cost you anything. Definitely worth your money, if you ask us.